raunas (raunas) wrote in becauseiam,

Social network for lesbians girlzzz.eu

I want to tell here that social network GirlZZZ Land only for lesbians and bisexsuals
has been opened!!.it's like a facebook ,but only for lesbians.
You can meet other girls there and you will have different nice other futures like:

-Create your personal profile
-Upload any images
-Upload mp3 files in profile
-Post your personal blogs and comment others
-Make personal bookmarks of videos from youtube
-Create communities and invite your friends there
-Use private messages
-chat with other girlzzzz
-online games
-and much more!

At the moment a lot of users of the network are russian girls,but the network has english
version of the interface,and I hope it will become international soon and hope the
network will connect girls from different countries!
Welcome to GirlZZZ Land!
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